Ephemeral Environments

Ephemeral environment is the idea of provisioning an environment on-demand when needed and then destroying it afterward. It is a useful technique to test your IaC and applications running on it without a need to keep it running all the time. Ephemeral environments are also called dynamic or short-lived environments.

CloudKnit supports Ephemeral Environments that provides following advantages:

  • Avoid bugs due to Configuration Drift
  • Get production like environment
  • Save Cloud Costs by tearing down environments when not needed

Here are some of the Use Cases for Ephemeral Environments:

  • Developer Environments
  • Preview Environments
  • Environments for Experiments

You can read more about it here.

Production Environments

Provision Production  environments with Security & Compliance in mind. Promote changes across environments and manage production releases efficiently. Use advanced patterns like Blue/Green & Canary Deployments.

Environments Blueprints

Create Environment Blueprints and add them to a Blueprints library that can then be used to provision similar environments. These blueprints can be tested and approved by platform engineering, security & compliance teams.

Repeatable & secure deployments to Customer Cloud Environments

  • Provision Infrastructure and Deploy Applications needed to run your product on Customers Cloud
  • Repeatable Deployments using Blueprints
  • Release process with versioning of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Secure & Compliant Environments with better control for Product companies & their customers
  • Release notes/Licensing for the releases
  • Easy Monitoring & Troubleshooting