Cloud Comprehension & Orchestration

Multi-Cloud Comprehension and Orchestration platform that leverages Generative AI technologies to enable  companies to understand, optimize, and maintain their cloud environments.

Where does CloudKnit fit in with existing tools?


Our Environment definitions were a mess of Terraform and Pipeline code, and a huge source of friction for our engineering team. With CloudKnit, our Terraform code is much simpler and it enabled us to deploy environments with ease, reducing cost of ownership & greatly improving iteration speed.
Steven Schlotterbeck
Director of Engineering @ Glow
CloudKnit enabled us to provision & teardown ephemeral environments on AWS for our use cases, saving us a lot of time & effort.
Ken Ahrens
CEO @ Speedscale
We've found that CloudKnit works well for provisioning multiple cloud environments using tools like Terraform, where the people provisioning the environment and authoring it may be different. Additionally, the customer support team has been incredibly helpful and responsive whenever we've had questions or concerns. I would recommend CloudKnit to anyone looking for a way to manage provisioning and tearing down cloud environments in a repeatable way.
Steven Miller
Founding Engineer @ Tembo

CloudKnit Attributes

  • GitOps workflow for your entire environment
  • User Interface that shows how your environment is constructed
  • Built on top of Kubernetes with Reconciliation loop & other k8s goodness
  • Support for Terraform with optional Plan, Approve, Apply flow
  • Support for Helm to deploy Applications to Kubernetes clusters
GitOps workflow with CloudKnit
GitOps workflow with CloudKnit